Alexander Wang at H&M – Purchases

November 6th, 2014

Well, that was quite a morning! Glad I told the office it would be lunchtime before I would be in.

I’d like to think I made a shopper of my mum although she denied feeling exhilarated at the end and said she was exhausted!

It started at 8.30 when I logged my laptop into the website and found the position of everything.

8.45 mum arrives – I show her the site, position of items and which ones I want. I decide it’s either the knit dress or the knit skirt and not both. I also decide either the scuba dress or the fitted dress and if possible the reflective leggings.

9.00 no buy button of any kind on my iPad and phone there was a circle of death –

9.03 desperate for the knit dress I click refresh on the laptop to enable a “buy” button


Ok I kinda expected this I quickly tell mum not to refresh on the iPad and get the other iPad connected to my wifi

From this point on until about 10.15 we had this page and the circle of death!


There were some amusing moments – if a screen became available for a quick flash mum would get rather excited – mum telling me it was rather bad business and a stern email to H&M was needed (how cute!) and her sheer frustration at how she had expected to be home or at least on the way by 10.30! She even came up with the idea of using the smart TV!

We tried that….


Anyway after 10.15 things started looking up! I had already been on Twitter (for a rant!) to establish how the ground lay and was assuming everyone else had been in the same boat so we were working on once people had got what they want server capacity might free up! (Pretending here I didn’t use Twitter advise IT staff in H&M what training they should do *blushes*)

Sure enough the site started allowing us online and even into out items! Although that became even more frustrating because we couldn’t select the drop downs!


At one point we had three different orders in three different devices, we had mums details and credit card and mine and I was texting my brother to have his details! Frequently we would get to the next stage after five, ten or even more minutes of refreshing the “try again” message mum would throw which ever device it was to me as I’m a quicker typer!

It was so amusing when every order or every device was on a try again page we kept having to remind each other – that’s the dress we are at payment stage – that’s the leggings we are entering the address!

To finish the long story … I didn’t get the must have amazing knit dress or skirt :( however I did manage to score two dresses (both the scuba and the fitted dress) and the reflective leggings. There was quite sometime between the first order and the second and yes I did progress each order as a separate one because having things in your basket didn’t reserve them.


What I will say about H&M is that I was only charged shipping on first order the second and third orders (both ended up being on my account just because of the device we were using) were not charged shipping I assume all items will be posted together. That is a really good idea and as much as they don’t seem to have mastered their technical capability and capacity that is a plus point that people should really recognise!

In the end three devices had the amazing knit dress on, two of them had it in the basket and we were heading to order them under my mums and my brothers account and then it stopped and they were sold out :(

Disappointing but the other items are amazing and I can’t wait till they arrive!

Here are the items I ended up purchasing




I am really disappointed for people who didn’t get anything and more so because of the eBay hoarders by 9.30 items were already on eBay for hugely inflated prices. I will say my purchases were and are for me. Yes I was going to use mums account to get items but there were same size and for me.

I really hope the small percentage of the country (and all the millions of people in London) who could queue at a store managed to get a decent time-slot and grab what you want!

Alexander Wang at H&M

November 5th, 2014

Another Colab from H&M brings, in my opinion one of the most exciting! Taper that excitement a little as the business peeps at H&M have decided it’s only going in flagship stores and online (with the acknowledgment the website will likely crash!)

For a month or more now we’ve been seeing the look book pics and if you’re at all like me searching the hashtag #AlexanderWangHM and the Google news feeds for the official rules.

That was hard going usually there are new items and blog posts detailing the rules it was only last week the Telegraph posted details about online rules and to get clarification I needed to contact H&M on their website.

It really seems strange to me they are excluding so much of the country genuinely, people queue and we do so anywhere and we do so from unearthly hours in the morning! (My Jimmy Choo shoes crippled me but we’re so worth it and the jewellery, still to this day gets comments every time I wear it!!!)

Anyway my confusion and unimpressed attitude will subside tomorrow morning when my fav mum arrives at my house to help me online ordering the pieces I want! Another bug bear… I do want these … For me … To wear! I am not a lets queue, let’s buy as many as I can and then flog them. I haven’t done that when I collected my YSL and Dior make-up charms and won’t be for the designer colabs either! Anyhow lol mum is coming over we are logging on and aiming to get the pieces I’d like.

Apologies for the images below they are screenshots from my iPhone (images from originally)

But these are the pieces I’m looking for and hoping to buy.


These boots are amazing similar to some from a 2010 collection but at £149.99 am not likely to be buying them.


If any of you have seen my Karen Millen posts or know me in person you will know I’m partial to knit dresses and that one I just love. The only problem I can see there being is how quick the branded stuff will go! My other choice if I don’t get the dress is the skirt below that’s a bargain at £34.99 I think I will try for one item and mum the other to make sure I get one of them!!!


The price points I’ve seen on the dresses (all of which are nice) go from £39.99 to £59.99 so there are others I will look to get as well.



So … That’s the action plan. They are the key pieces I’m hoping to get (possibly along with some metallic leggings!). I am going to try and be calm and not rage when the website crashes and when their stock (which I have a feeling they have less of than usual hence online rather than store availability!) sells out.

I shall report back if I am successful! To anyone attempting in store or online I honestly wish you luck hope you get the pieces you want. I half hope this comes back to bite the powers that be in the bum so next time we can have half a chance at getting the pieces!

If you’re trying for anything drop me a commented to what you’re hoping to get or drop by tomorrow when you’ve successfully ordered – I’d love to hear and promise not to be jealous!

Birthday Nails

October 28th, 2014

So yesterday was my birthday and one of my gifts was the beautiful Alexa Hearts Nails Inc collection.


After recently following @nailsartcentral on Instagram I had loads of ideas so wanted to put them all to use!

The main Colours are Alexa Edit Night Sky and Alexa Stars along with Nails Inc Shepherds Market. I also used some nail art striping tape I got from ebay. Along with Chelsea Bridge base and top coat.







Beautiful is ___

October 4th, 2014

If any of you follow me on social media (and haven’t muted or unfollowed due to excessive use!) you will no doubt have heard of The Friendly Development Charity and their Beautiful Is ___ Campaign.

The friendly development charity
is a relatively new charity based in the North East, working with people to see an increase in their confidence & self worth which will impact their lives. They write and deliver personal development programmes in schools and communities.

Their positive body image campaign called ‘Beautiful is ___.’ is already gaining great support and most importantly making a wonderful impact on the confidence and self worth of young girls and women.

I read an amazing blog post this week from the founder Emma Oliver and had the pleasure of buying my first Beautiful is ___ T Shirt!

You can read Emma’s post here, and please do so! It explains the thoughts behind the T Shirts for the campaign.

The T Shirts went on sale this week on the Beautiful is ___ instagram page.


I saw this one, ordered it and received it last night!


When the T’s arrive you will notice the amazing packaging they come in making it a lovely treat. There is a handwritten tag and an explanation about HOPE!





These T’s are not just a way to raise awareness and start a conversation they do so much more than that!!! Please follow the charity and the campaign on their social media sites and get involved!!!

London Fashion Weekend

September 21st, 2014

So last week was it … London Fashion Week was on and I was in London town!!! Alas I was doing my day job in an office talking about IT, suppliers and projects and not discussing the best catwalk show, whether Tom Ford has started redeeming himself (in my opinion ha) or which hair and makeup was the best combo! Last week was however the week when the fab people at Label M contacted me to let me know I was a winner in their competition and bagged myself a pair of tickets to London Fashion Weekend (LFWend), a Fashion Fix style and Label M goodie bag each!!!

Having previously been looking at LFWend tickets but unable to get anyone to come with, I was obviously ecstatic, and, having just this year, undergone a bit of a hair transformation at Toni & Guy, making them and Label M one of my go to brands, I was really looking forward to the experience.

My friend Holly and I turned up at Somerset House and called my contact – the lovely Alex. She welcomed us and gave us some Prosecco (a completely cute individual bottle!) and we went to visit the Label M blow out bar!!!

As my hair is now in a fab (if I do say so myself!) pixie crop, I couldn’t get a fashion fix style but the girls willing styled my hair for me while we sat and chatted supping Prosecco. For those of you not sure a Fashion Fix style lasts 30 minutes costs £25 (£20 at LFWend) and is a catwalk ready style!


fashion fix

My friend chose the “pretty in punk” which is amazing and definitely would be the one I’d choose.

Alex came back with our AMAZING goodie bags and also we got two products each – over the moon with that as Label M Sea Salt spray is my “can’t live without” staple at the moment and the Texturising Volume Spray allows me to be uber lazy, not wash my hair and race out the door looking like I’ve spent hours on my hair!!! My Goodie bag even contained the brand new Pliable Definer which was launched through London Fashion Week.

We then proceeded, obviously,to the shops!!!

I absolutely loved the variety and range, and the chance to see some high fashion designer labels I wouldn’t usually see. There were unknown labels as well and any type of style you fancy!!!

Some of our favourites were:

Lucy Coi London – amazing shoes

The Ragged Priest – fantastic pairs of jeans

Never Fully Dressed – Holly’s firm favourite I’m expecting to see feather jackets and jumpsuits on her soon (in every colour)!!!

Versace – need we say more!!! – there was quite a collection including an amazing white skirt for the bargain price of £50! (check it out on Holly in the pics!)

I saw an absolutely stunning Just Cavalli clutch bag that I managed to resist (although do have some minor regret over that decision!) It was way cheaper than the fabulous Sass and Bide jumpsuit that I resisted due to its £550 price tag lol

After walking around the beautiful building and exhausting everything, including the seriously discounted St Tropez shop, we stopped off for a bite to eat at Toms kitchen Deli, I am now on a mission to make myself green bean, basil and almond salad which was completely delicious (prior to my equally delicious Victoria sponge lol)

We did one more quick stop off, a second visit to the jewellery in case I changed my mind, and then went to say goodbye to Alex. Her and the Label M team hosted us very well and really made our day being so generous.

I loved the experience. I would, next time, prepare in advance and take a fair bit of money so I could treat myself – the discounts on some of the brands were really substantial! I can imagine if you were in the customer base who wears Versace, Cavalli and Lulu Guinness as daily staples you would actually just use LFWend as your season stock up!!!

A fab day, Holly and I are so grateful for and we would both definitely, definitely come again!!!

Check out a few pics below:

Big Thanks Label M and to gorgeous Holly for accompanying me and allowing me to post her pics on my blog!

Anna Seven

September 8th, 2014

I saw a fab T in an instagram post the other day and had a quick look at their website, I’m thinking of ordering one especially as they support The A21 Campaign.

Anna Seven started by two twins in london in 2012. “As they create and sell cool and meaningful clothing, they choose to give a percentage to the A21 campaign aiming to abolish modern day slavery; which they feel is a big part of what their brand represents.”

The T that I particularly like is the “Thou Shalt Change the Game” one – it is available as T and as cropped T.

Thou Shalt Stay Fly” is also a pretty cool one – I think I’d rather the black – they are available in black, white or grey.

They also have tote bag and iphone covers in the same designs as the T’s.

Head on over there and check them out!



Hispid – Lifting women out of poverty

September 2nd, 2014

If you are a regular reader I’m hoping you know by now how I like to support brands with a purpose. Not just sustainable or fair trade, but the ones that through what they do support causes.

Hispid is one of those brands.

Hispid is a UK based clothing company, working to empower the women of Pakistan, living mostly under very steep economic conditions.

Their name comes from the Hispid hare. They employ to women like Nazia in Rawalpindi to give them work and help them express their creative qualities by making handmade garments. They work from the comfort of their own homes, which enables them to look after their children and be in a safe environment.


Materials are taken to their homes and then collected and dispatched to England when the products are complete.

Browsing through the selection of handmade scarves I was pleasantly surprised at the price, usually things of this nature, hand made and sourced from those countries attract quite a price tag. These are really reasonably priced products starting from £19.99!

Check out the Heritage Henna scarf and the Saba with Tree print both only £24.99. I can see these making beautiful gifts for people and the print makes them that little bit different.

Supporting this company will directly support the women trying to build trust in the eyes of their society; as confident, independent, and equal members of society.

Hispid are growing fast and are seeking to employ new women in poverty every month. I love reading about their longer-term vision to move into village development and open up a women’s rights institution. In so many third world countries women are second class citizens, they are treat differently to men, we have gang rapes and child marriages, sexual exploitation and bonded labour.

Showing women their value and worth is one thing but encouraging women to have value and worth is an incredible thing! This then transforms the generations under them, mindsets and expectations are changed and hopes and dreams are planted.

Check out this brand and their About Us page has some links where you can see a little more about the issues facing women in Pakistan.



Avon Colour Attract

August 17th, 2014

Thought I would do a quick post to show the Avon Colour Attract magnets.

I just did it really rushed at the same time as watching a movie and eating dinner but am quite pleased with the results if I’d have taken enough time and redid the thumbs it would be pretty good.



Process is simple paint one coat letting it dry completely then paint a second and hold the magnet over it while it dries.

I used the magnetic metal nail colour that can be found here and the star wand found here

Health – Time to get serious

August 16th, 2014

Ok it’s becoming increasingly clear this health and fitness malarkey takes time and a lot of it. It may not if you’re trying to improve on an ok foundation but to start from scratch anyone who tells you it’s easy must already have some of the elements right. It isn’t!

I have the water drinking just about down and as much as I beat myself up over two biscuits and a hot chocolate last weeks diet in comparison to general diet was actually very good.

It’s clear the results won’t be seen straight away I guess why should they? I can’t necessarily say what I’m seeing now in my health isn’t a build up of 30+ years of not worrying about weight, health or diet!!!

The colon cleanse tablets haven’t changed my shape or weight and so today after stepping on the scales and confirming I’m still 10 stone and having a decidedly bloated and rounded belly I’ve decided – stuff trying to be sensible, stuff trying to phase things so I can establish a maintainable lifestyle after I’m where I want to be. Let’s go all in to try and sort myself out.

Next week will need to be the raspberry ketone tablets to help weight loss and the exercise as well as diet and the ridiculous water drinking and also my vitamin tablets to help wake me up and help my moods from being lazy / sad all the time. As a side note the vitamin tablets were recommended my a nutritionalist after a consultation seeing what we had identified as my deficiencies they are a brand she recommended and the specific one she recommended for me.

I’m not totally disappointed really, it’s possibly silly to expect results after a fortnight but I am gutted that I am still exhausted all of the time and not feeling better in myself (all those things I can’t put my finger on!).

I’ve just done a shop for the weeks fruit! Again going to a fruit and veg shop rather than supermarket I bought a whole host of food for a bargain price of £8!


The fruit especially melon and pineapple is chopped and put into Tupperware dishes to snack on at work. The pea pods and celery will be used too in addition to redskin nuts I got from Holland and Barrett.

I am going to try and do 15-30 minutes of exercise a day – even if it is a walk out of the office at lunch time.

Hopefully in a fortnights time I will have some sort of change in one or other element whether it be weight, shape or how I feel in general.





Health – Week Two

August 14th, 2014

Here we are Thursday evening and I’ve disappointed myself this week. I’ve been absolutely shattered, been to London a day with work and worked from home a day but that’s meant I didn’t exercise as planned.

I had really wanted to work on healthier eating and exercise before starting the ketone weight loss tablets.

So how are we doing with my eating! Well I paid a visit to a greengrocer / fruit and veg shop this week instead of buying fruit and veg from a supermarket I only paid about £9 and came away with strawberries, half a watermelon (bigger than my head!), potatoes, bananas, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes and cans of sweetcorn!


Basically that purchase has ensured that I have fruit for the whole week!

I have committed to having breakfast 1 or 2 slices (depending how hungry I am) of whole meal toast with either peanut butter or almond butter on and topped with sliced bananas – I’ve done that most days except the day I went to London 5.30 was too early for that!

Every day I have refrained from tea and this avoided sugar that way. I have had no cakes but did succumb to two biscuits today.

Every day I have had fruit one day I ate a whole Tupperware container of watermelon and a punnet of strawberries and I am genuinely and rather surprisingly enjoying it.

My meals have been a bit of a mixed bag. I don’t want to be obsessed and want a balanced diet so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it I’ve had pasta bolognaise with garlic bread, ham salad twice, chicken and bacon salad, veg stir fry and noodles twice a ham and cheese toastie and unfortunately today I had chips!

I loved the salads although need to leave the coleslaw or potato salad to one side.

My water habit has gone ok although sticking to 6 whole glasses has killed and most days it’s only been 4!

What I’ve learned is to stop procrastinating and being lazy – I’m still grossed out at myself in the mirror yet that still doesn’t get me to the gym or out for a run! I know I need the exercise especially when I start the ketone tablets. I’ve learned fruit and veg shops are hugely cheaper than supermarkets and their strawberries are bigger too! I have also discovered sainsburys stir fry is better than tesco as it’s got bits of broccoli in it.

Next week I need to exercise and get back into 6 glasses a day I think I will also take the ketone tablets.

Anyway I haven’t taken any measurement as I still feel bloated and fat but maybe next week I will just to see if anything at all has changed. I leave you now trying not to be down sharing pics of my food ha!!!