Anna Seven

September 8th, 2014

I saw a fab T in an instagram post the other day and had a quick look at their website, I’m thinking of ordering one especially as they support The A21 Campaign.

Anna Seven started by two twins in london in 2012. “As they create and sell cool and meaningful clothing, they choose to give a percentage to the A21 campaign aiming to abolish modern day slavery; which they feel is a big part of what their brand represents.”

The T that I particularly like is the “Thou Shalt Change the Game” one – it is available as T and as cropped T.

Thou Shalt Stay Fly” is also a pretty cool one – I think I’d rather the black – they are available in black, white or grey.

They also have tote bag and iphone covers in the same designs as the T’s.

Head on over there and check them out!



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Hispid – Lifting women out of poverty

September 2nd, 2014

If you are a regular reader I’m hoping you know by now how I like to support brands with a purpose. Not just sustainable or fair trade, but the ones that through what they do support causes.

Hispid is one of those brands.

Hispid is a UK based clothing company, working to empower the women of Pakistan, living mostly under very steep economic conditions.

Their name comes from the Hispid hare. They employ to women like Nazia in Rawalpindi to give them work and help them express their creative qualities by making handmade garments. They work from the comfort of their own homes, which enables them to look after their children and be in a safe environment.


Materials are taken to their homes and then collected and dispatched to England when the products are complete.

Browsing through the selection of handmade scarves I was pleasantly surprised at the price, usually things of this nature, hand made and sourced from those countries attract quite a price tag. These are really reasonably priced products starting from £19.99!

Check out the Heritage Henna scarf and the Saba with Tree print both only £24.99. I can see these making beautiful gifts for people and the print makes them that little bit different.

Supporting this company will directly support the women trying to build trust in the eyes of their society; as confident, independent, and equal members of society.

Hispid are growing fast and are seeking to employ new women in poverty every month. I love reading about their longer-term vision to move into village development and open up a women’s rights institution. In so many third world countries women are second class citizens, they are treat differently to men, we have gang rapes and child marriages, sexual exploitation and bonded labour.

Showing women their value and worth is one thing but encouraging women to have value and worth is an incredible thing! This then transforms the generations under them, mindsets and expectations are changed and hopes and dreams are planted.

Check out this brand and their About Us page has some links where you can see a little more about the issues facing women in Pakistan.



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Avon Colour Attract

August 17th, 2014

Thought I would do a quick post to show the Avon Colour Attract magnets.

I just did it really rushed at the same time as watching a movie and eating dinner but am quite pleased with the results if I’d have taken enough time and redid the thumbs it would be pretty good.



Process is simple paint one coat letting it dry completely then paint a second and hold the magnet over it while it dries.

I used the magnetic metal nail colour that can be found here and the star wand found here

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Health – Time to get serious

August 16th, 2014

Ok it’s becoming increasingly clear this health and fitness malarkey takes time and a lot of it. It may not if you’re trying to improve on an ok foundation but to start from scratch anyone who tells you it’s easy must already have some of the elements right. It isn’t!

I have the water drinking just about down and as much as I beat myself up over two biscuits and a hot chocolate last weeks diet in comparison to general diet was actually very good.

It’s clear the results won’t be seen straight away I guess why should they? I can’t necessarily say what I’m seeing now in my health isn’t a build up of 30+ years of not worrying about weight, health or diet!!!

The colon cleanse tablets haven’t changed my shape or weight and so today after stepping on the scales and confirming I’m still 10 stone and having a decidedly bloated and rounded belly I’ve decided – stuff trying to be sensible, stuff trying to phase things so I can establish a maintainable lifestyle after I’m where I want to be. Let’s go all in to try and sort myself out.

Next week will need to be the raspberry ketone tablets to help weight loss and the exercise as well as diet and the ridiculous water drinking and also my vitamin tablets to help wake me up and help my moods from being lazy / sad all the time. As a side note the vitamin tablets were recommended my a nutritionalist after a consultation seeing what we had identified as my deficiencies they are a brand she recommended and the specific one she recommended for me.

I’m not totally disappointed really, it’s possibly silly to expect results after a fortnight but I am gutted that I am still exhausted all of the time and not feeling better in myself (all those things I can’t put my finger on!).

I’ve just done a shop for the weeks fruit! Again going to a fruit and veg shop rather than supermarket I bought a whole host of food for a bargain price of £8!


The fruit especially melon and pineapple is chopped and put into Tupperware dishes to snack on at work. The pea pods and celery will be used too in addition to redskin nuts I got from Holland and Barrett.

I am going to try and do 15-30 minutes of exercise a day – even if it is a walk out of the office at lunch time.

Hopefully in a fortnights time I will have some sort of change in one or other element whether it be weight, shape or how I feel in general.





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Health – Week Two

August 14th, 2014

Here we are Thursday evening and I’ve disappointed myself this week. I’ve been absolutely shattered, been to London a day with work and worked from home a day but that’s meant I didn’t exercise as planned.

I had really wanted to work on healthier eating and exercise before starting the ketone weight loss tablets.

So how are we doing with my eating! Well I paid a visit to a greengrocer / fruit and veg shop this week instead of buying fruit and veg from a supermarket I only paid about £9 and came away with strawberries, half a watermelon (bigger than my head!), potatoes, bananas, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes and cans of sweetcorn!


Basically that purchase has ensured that I have fruit for the whole week!

I have committed to having breakfast 1 or 2 slices (depending how hungry I am) of whole meal toast with either peanut butter or almond butter on and topped with sliced bananas – I’ve done that most days except the day I went to London 5.30 was too early for that!

Every day I have refrained from tea and this avoided sugar that way. I have had no cakes but did succumb to two biscuits today.

Every day I have had fruit one day I ate a whole Tupperware container of watermelon and a punnet of strawberries and I am genuinely and rather surprisingly enjoying it.

My meals have been a bit of a mixed bag. I don’t want to be obsessed and want a balanced diet so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it I’ve had pasta bolognaise with garlic bread, ham salad twice, chicken and bacon salad, veg stir fry and noodles twice a ham and cheese toastie and unfortunately today I had chips!

I loved the salads although need to leave the coleslaw or potato salad to one side.

My water habit has gone ok although sticking to 6 whole glasses has killed and most days it’s only been 4!

What I’ve learned is to stop procrastinating and being lazy – I’m still grossed out at myself in the mirror yet that still doesn’t get me to the gym or out for a run! I know I need the exercise especially when I start the ketone tablets. I’ve learned fruit and veg shops are hugely cheaper than supermarkets and their strawberries are bigger too! I have also discovered sainsburys stir fry is better than tesco as it’s got bits of broccoli in it.

Next week I need to exercise and get back into 6 glasses a day I think I will also take the ketone tablets.

Anyway I haven’t taken any measurement as I still feel bloated and fat but maybe next week I will just to see if anything at all has changed. I leave you now trying not to be down sharing pics of my food ha!!!



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Health – week one

August 7th, 2014

It’s now Thursday evening. I’ve now done all of the things (such as baby shower, wedding and being away from home) that would possibly get in the way of my eating healthy hence me deciding to start with the aloe Vera tablets and water this week.

So… Honestly… How did I do so far?

Well I haven’t had a problem with the aloe Vera tablets, don’t think after four I should have noticed a difference but I haven’t. It’s possible I’m a little more regular but who knows.

Water I managed Monday didn’t manage a full 6 glasses Tuesday or Wednesday but managed lots of other liquids including fresh fruit juice.

Today has been weird I’ve not drank a thing other than a cuppa and have had a chocolate brownie with it. It’s nearly 8pm and I’ve just finished my dinner.

Back on the band wagon tomorrow with 6 glasses of water.

Next week I was planning to start the raspberry ketone tablets to jump start loosing my belly but I think instead I will start the healthy eating and exercise and do another full week of the aloe Vera detox tablets.

I have just done a health conscious shop in tesco to last me the next few days and I must say I am actually quite proud of myself. There are some new things in my shopping I haven’t bought before too!





The Quinoa I’m quite excited to try – I love the Chicken and chorizo superfood salad at Leon and plan on making one!

Cous Cous I haven’t had often but figure it can’t be too different to rice and quinoa for protein properties so I’ve bought four of those (on offer 2 for £1)

The almond butter is just to try something a little different and switch up from peanut butter. I use whole earth organic peanut butter but this is a different brand. I compared the cashew butter but this was healthier lower sugar and sat fat (she says hoping that’s the right thing to look at!!!)

I’ve bought the bananas and whole meal bread to make myself start eating breakfast – bread is made tolerable by toasting it, putting peanut butter and then sliced banana on!

The fruit is something a little different I have been buying these fab fruit platters or the little fruit pots which are £2 a shot I wanted snacks for work maybe something to nibble later tonight so that ups the bill to £4 instead I bought the pineapple and watermelon and decided to chop it up and create portions for myself – this might help me save a bit of cash but cut down portion size too!

I was right for £3.50 I have three portions of each fruit!


So all in all not too bad – I stuck to one alcoholic and one soft drink at the wedding and had water, I skipped the most delicious cupcakes ever but then did have a wee portion of fish and chips! I had ice cream but dinner had veg with it lol and I only had a few of the sweeties from the sweetie table as my dinner was amazingly delicious and I was full!

Next week is upping the game on the healthy eating and the exercise but keeping up the tablets and water!

Wish me luck I’m bone idol so morning afternoon or evening exercise just isn’t me!!!

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Health – Starting up

August 6th, 2014

So… I haven’t picked a good week to start, then again me adjusting what I eat I would never find a good time lol I am away two days this week and have a baby shower and a wedding!

That said I want to start my changes straight away.

Before I start I have taken some measurements and some photographs.  The photo’s may not ever be shared but below are my measurements.

Now please please realise this is not about comparison.  Neither is it about unhealthy or unrealistic expectations.  My shape, weight and appearance of my skin has changed – I feel generally crappy most of the time.  Regardless of whether you are a 6 or a 16 I have decided my lifestyle needs a change.  People finding it amusing that I have food issues or that I feel unhappy with things don’t really help or understand.  If I didn’t appreciate the complete ridiculousness of being on a detox or trying to be healthy and having sweets and Mcdonalds I wouldn’t have started this journey.  It is not helpful to be told I am being silly neither how skinny I am – let me dispel one myth for you – skinny does not mean healthy, skinny does not mean fit – a skinny appearance can disguise a whole lot of underlying things I’m pretty sure a doctor or nutritionalist would tell you that.  Plus most people who say that haven’t seen you naked so there ya go lol

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Health – My Hopes / Aims

August 5th, 2014

So I previously shared a rather honest post about health and decided to blog what I’m calling my journey to health.  I think more accurately it is a journey to good habits and healthy disciplines.

I am not imagining it to be a smooth journey, there will be trial and error and I will learn alot - it will not be easy but I will be sharing it with you hopefully you can join in and learn something too – or even realise we all go through this type of thing regardless of how everybody else thinks you are!

With all things I like to journal my plans and aims or scribble down my thoughts.  So with that in mind this second post is more about the Why? Why I want to change and what I want it to achieve.


Feeling generally crappy – tired and lethargic, hardly no energy and I don’t sleep well.  I get headaches and never know whether its ladck of liquid or I need sugar (that sounds like an excuse for me to have sweeties / biscuits or cake to me in hindsight!)


I like to lead a full life and that often looks fast paced or busy to onlookers.  I need energy to maintain that capacity and also to increase it.  I need my body to be able to keep the pace I set and have enough in reserves to handle any peaks.


I want a long life and a healthy life with no diseases.

I would like to limit spots / outbreaks

Eating sensibly and controlliong my blood sugar may link to the symptoms I attribute to hormones and so I am hoping for a knock on effect of seeing some of those more personal things improve.


I want to look good.  I want to think I look good.

I dont want to feel out of proportion with the rest of my frame.

I want to fit back in my old clothes.


I want to attract someone fit and healthy who looks good so I should look that way . (You attract what you are!)

I play with children and go to an energetic church I don’t want a flight of stairs or a jumpy song to get me out of breathe and shattered.

I think changing my lifestyle is necessary, I konw excercise alone won’t do it.  the food thing is going to kill… I absolutely love food – I love eating out and I enjoy finding new places to eat!

I need to increase my water even more from 1 litre to the 2 litres a day this will (so they tell me) help with the energy and may banish some of the headaches I have been getting recently.

So – now you know where I am at and what I am hoping to get out of it.

I will blog regularly, they will be compiled stright from my journal and little notepad I’m using to note things in so shoudl be as live as is possible (giving me time to type them and post them)

Tomorrow I will post the start of my journey along with my measurements (eeeyyykkk) not likely to post pics although I will be taking some for my own reference.

Wish me luck!



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Fave Websites

August 4th, 2014

It’s not often I write about other sites and blogs I read so so many – some of them you will find in my blogroll down the right hand side of this page – I just wanted to take a short amount of time to recommend you to the three latest additions to my blogroll.  I have been very reflective at the moment about my life maybe it’s a mid life crisis (35 doesn’t arrive until october and it’s already slapping me in the face!) but I am thinking alot about my dreams and where I want to be and what I want for myself.  Lifestyle, including health, fitness and wellbeing is the current hot topic – so these sites are all on a theme!

Honesty Coaching

A fab new site with sensible and honest posts, easy to read with great advice.  I know Fiona and the journey and transformation in her own life is incredible.  Her drive and motivation to make changes and the ourlook in life that she has underneath it all is equally as inspiring.  I was so pleased so see this site from her, her recent post Diets Suck is a gread read and something after my post yesterday on health that really interested me.  I defo recommend you pop over there and have a look and keep checking for great articles.  If you don’t, please don’t go any further without at least reading this article – 5 reasons why you’ll never change.  I’m looking forward to reading more from Fiona.

Judith Lewis Fitness

I have attended Judith’s Zumba class and am about to start using her fat loss guide to inform my food habits.  Judith has a blog on her site which is really informative and certainly has many a time given me a friendly kick up the bum! some really insightful information about being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle the right way for the right reasons.  Judith “specialises in helping people who are sick and tired of making ‘unhealthy’ choices and putting up with the consequences” so if that sounds like you (it certainly sounds like me!) head over there and maybe sign up to her newsletter.

FYC Method

I originally signed up to this email newsletter just to see what it was all about – I follow them on instagram and now pop over every now and again to the site.   The newsletter video’s that come through from Coach Adam Cobb are really interesting and it does genuinely seem like a method that would work.  I haven’t been brave enough (or rich enough) to order any supplements with them being US based I wouldn’t be sure, but I definately want to know more about the “Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well” way.

Well I hope you take the time to visit these sites and see if they are of interest to you and I hope they help give you something to think about.  I may end up referring to material from these sites in my quest for health!

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August 3rd, 2014

So then here we are. The new habits I’ve been half trying some have been completely successful, like reading the bible every day and drinking more water. Some have been half successful e.g. Increasing my fruit and veg intake others not successful at all. In fact in 2 or 3 weeks I’ve only been to the gym 3 times and haven’t ran at all!!!

So what position have I got too?

I have established gut / belly doesn’t seem to be just bloating although some days it is clear it’s a contributing factor. I have discovered a rather crucial fact about myself that I’m rather ashamed of and that is how my self discipline / will power is none existent!

I have never been more than 8.5 stone until a year or so ago then never more than 9.5. I’ve always been an 8 due to a high metabolism.

Don’t get me wrong this is not far or thin this is not 8 vs 12 or 16. This is about health and well being as much as the belly I’ve developed and extra half a stone I’ve suddenly found.

I popped on the Internet the other week after months of whinging and half hearted attempts, I decided drastic action was needed.

I ordered a free trial of raspberry ketone and vita cleanse colon detox. Within 15 minutes half of my office were telling me about the scam and how it had featured on watchdog. They are auto enrol and so if the trial isn’t cancelled and returned within 14 days huge amounts of money are taken from your bank. I have rectified that as best I could although the courier to deliver the pills seems to come when I’m at work so I’m praying the arrive in the 14 days while my amazing bank First Direct help me out with the financial dispute side of things.

Anyway I’ve been left embarrassed at myself and angry. I’ve been reading a book called The Resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald and it had a chapter about discipline. I am lazy and undisciplined in this aspect of my life.

I know the best way to get rid of a bad habit is to create a good one, I know it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

How did I let myself change this much without doing something before? How did I get to the point where I was eating vitamin tablets recommended by a nutritionalist at the same time as devouring endless sweets. At the point I was desperate enough to consider veganism and then because I could t face it silly enough to order weight loss pills over the Internet???

The answer: I don’t even know

It’s likely the age old tale of a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips. A few people have explained it may just be my age (I hit 35 in October). Maybe it’s been gradual so I didn’t notice.

I’ve tried to deal with unwell / crappy feelings with some of my new habits and the visit to the nutritionalist. But now we are here!!!

I’m looking at a Holland and Barrett bag containing raspberry ketones and an aloe Vera Colin cleanse and next to it, the contradictory evidence that would say I can’t care that much but definitely says I’m lacking in self discipline – yea on the seat with my Holland and Barrett bag is my McDonalds bag.

What’s next???

I heard somewhere possibly from Dr Robi Sonderegger maybe about habits or addictions about going to an extreme aiming far far one way when you’ve been far the other way allows you to land in the middle.

I don’t want extreme in terms of the Forks Over Knives or cabbage soup diet or Dr Oz ten day detox BUT…

I do think to break this habit / cycle to eat healthier and also to loose weight and get my shape back I need to aim for extreme for a while.

So as it’s likely going to be trial and error and maybe for an amount of accountability I thought I would blog my journey to health!!!

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