What To Wear – Skater Skirts

May 25th, 2011

Well the Skater skirt is well and truly in – Whilst shopping last week I came across three or four nice ones in River Island and browsing River Island online they have a staggering fifteen to choose from.

Skater skirts can be a variety of lengths at the moment mini and knee length seem to be the most popular, despite midi being the new skirt length.  Maybe the a-line fullness of skater skirts would appear “frumpy” in the new length but certainly if at the moment you are looking for a full skirt, an a-line skirt or a cute mini then the way to go is the skater skirt.

I am trying to be varied and appeal to lost of peoples taste and price points, so as much as I could take you straight to River Island and show you lots I decided to try and find varied brands and price ranges.

Here is a selection of skater skirts hopefully you can get an idea of the styles out there!

1 Next – Black Floral Skater Skirt – £20.00

2 New Look – Stripe Waist Skater Skirt – £14.99

3 Dorothy Perkins – Red Floral Skater Skirt – £17.00

4 Topshop – Heidi Skirt – £42.00

5 ASOS – Broderie Skater Skirt – £10.00

6 Warehouse – Skater Button Skirt – £40.00

7 River Island – Red Mid Length Skater Skirt – £34.99

8 River Island – Pink Mini Skater Skirt – £29.99

My favourite selection is obviously River Island – two different lengths and lots of different colours with those thin belts too so if your budget allows don’t purchase before you browse their selection!










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