Cheryl Cole Designs Shoes!!!

September 26th, 2011

That’s right – Cheryl Cole is making her debut in the world of shoe design!

I am really excited about this, with over 50 pairs of shoes in piles all over the place I can definitely say they are a weakness of mine, normally the higher the better.

I love Cheryl, I got completely carried away recently in the ASOS auction for her wardrobe, and pretty much only tuned into last years X Factor to see what her and Danni were wearing, so to hear that she was teaming up with one of my fave websites, StylistPick, and designing a range I was excited to say the least!!!

The Fashionated blog on the StylistPick website has all the details saying Cheryl is “looking forward to showing off her design skills, and being involved in every step of the process, from research trips and brainstorming meetings, to sourcing materials and creating shoes that not only look amazing, but feel good too”

I can’t wait to see the designs they are likely to be very fashion forward with a designer look – lets face it that is already what I expect from StylistPick so for them to have teamed with Cheryl is a great idea.  Unfortunately the designs wont be available until December / Christmas time but I think they will be worth waiting for.

StylistPick has been featured in loads of magazines and partnering with Cheryl will be great but I also think if Cheryl plays her cards right, and so desires to, this could be a break through into fashion with a difference.  What better way to break into the arena than targeting your customers and fan base who can’t afford clothes prices at the high end ala Victoria Beckham.  Target those and become a house hold name and then go into the premium end and then go right up to couture (obviously utilising your array of contacts!).  Often it is done the other way around but Cheryl has always been a girl proud of her roots and always supporting the underdogs so this would actually be rather fitting foray into the world of fashion design!

What do you think? Do you think Cheryl will do well in shoe design?  What do you think they will look like?



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