StylistPick – March Bags

March 4th, 2012

Love this time of the month – that’s right ladie’s your StylistPick showroom will be brand spanking new – if you aren’t signed up to this website where have you been!!!

All you do is take a quiz answering a few questions and they provide you a personalised selection / showroom every month.

Do you have to buy every month? No

Are the shoes ok? Fab – fashionable and a great price!

Can you get bags? Yes

Can you get jewellery? Yes

Is money taken off me? Only if you don’t select an option by 5th of month

Is it really that simple? Yes

Is there a catch? Not found any yet and have four or five pairs, have skipped months and all sorts and have never ran into a problem.

Anyway enough of that as you can tell (if you are a new reader and haven’t heard me singing their praises before) I love StylistPick.  This month is no exception! I thought I would post some details of the bags that are on offer in this months showroom.

Beth Satchel

StylistPick - Beth

StylistPick - Beth


StylistPick - Rosa

StylistPick - Rosa


StylistPick - Alix

StylistPick - Alix



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